Well, it seems that things are going extremely well. I am being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on December 31 of this year, and confirmed the next day. What a perfect way to end one year and the beginning of the next! There is so much to learn and to write about, so much that I won’t be able to write about it in one post. And I am savoring the time I’ve spent learning and growing about the LDS Church. 

On Sundays I go to church. First Sacrament meeting. How beautiful it is. When we take the Sacrament there comes a quiet hush over the congregation, and the church is quiet as the Sacrament is passed to each person. It is a time for quiet reflection and a renewing of the covenants we have made with the Lord. (Because I am not actually baptized yet, I have not made any formal covenants, but I spent the time renewing my commitment to continue learning and participating in the life of the church.) The Sacrament is blessed and passed and even the children take part in it. Then the water is blessed and passed, and again, all take part of it. We remember to take His name upon us, and to remember Him always. Beautiful. Then the songs are sung and some members from the congregation speak about different topics, and bear their testimony of the truth of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The hour is then concluded with a song and the members are dismissed to their classes. I go to Gospel Principles for an hour, to learn the basic doctrine of the church. The next hour is Relief Society for the women of the church, while the men go to their priesthood meetings and the children go to their respective classes. The three hours you spend at church really does fly by, and we go home, refreshed and renewed for the week. It’s lovely. 

This week I am going to meet with the Missionaries who have been instructing me, and with the ward’s Mission President, Brother Anderson, and his lovely wife, and we are going to discuss and prepare for my upcoming baptism. We are also going to discuss tithing, which I am excited to take part in. The Lord has been very generous with me this season, and I am anxious and eager to give back. It is a privilege and an honor. I shall be briefed on the particulars of the baptism and the confirmation. So happy.

On a different note, I hope to be buying a house soon. I must take the proper steps to clean up my credit first, so to better qualify for a good loan, and then pick out a house. Personally, I will be quite happy to leave this situation I am in right now, but no more will be said about that. I hope to find something close to Aydric, but really, anywhere I the valley is fine with me. 

Although these posts are brief, I will try to post more often. The days and evenings have been busy, and I am enjoying every minute of it. My life is blessed.

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