Well, I did it, after all these years and after all this searching.  I have been baptized into the LDS (Mormon) Church.  My baptism was May 27, 2017, exactly 5 months before my 44th birthday.  I’m sorry, I don’t even know which Stake is my Stake, but I do know that my Ward is the Fairview Ward in Meridian Idaho.  This is how it came about…in a nutshell.  I guess this is sort of a whirlwind update.

I moved out of my husband’s house, where I was living with him and his mom, in December, about the middle of the month.  I simply couldn’t stay there any longer, (for various reasons) so I rented a hotel room which I stayed in for about 2 weeks before I found a place to live.  I moved into my cute 2 bedroom duplex right on January 1st of this year (2017).  Isn’t that a neat time to move into a new house?  I was fortunate in that my (now best) friend Jeff passed along his landlord’s name and number, and I contacted them and was shown the house and moved right in.  It’s perfect.  I had thought of renting a 3 bedroom, but this place came together so easily that I knew it was meant to be.  Thank you, J!  And thank you, T. O., for being so easy to work with and allowing me to rent this perfect little place from you!

As I said, it’s a duplex and has 2 bedrooms, one bath, a nice sized living room and a decent kitchen, a cute little dining area, and its own laundry room, plus a two car garage. My bedroom is large enough for my bed, my dresser, and my two large bookcases.  What I steal! And all for less than $1000 a month.  I’m delighted.

I have decided that I love living alone SO MUCH that I am NOT going to have my husband move in…and in fact, I have filed for divorce and he signed the papers last week.  So it is only a matter of time before the file is given to the Judge to sign.  Then the final decree will be sent out to the both of us…and our marriage will be done.  There are a number of factors that went into my decision to pursue a divorce (and being LDS it was certainly a difficult decision,) and some of these reasons are common knowledge, and some are personal.  However, that being said, I don’t feel that I have to explain my divorce or my marriage or my family relationships to anyone over the net–and not like anyone actually reads this blog.  I don’t think anyone knows of its existence.  Maybe someday it might get traffic…but I don’t see why or how.

But back to the baptism.  After I moved in here, I shortly got in touch with the LDS Missionaries, and they came over to introduce themselves.  I did a small explanation of my history with the LDS Church, and they said they would love to get me started on the lessons, to which I agreed.  And so began my journey in the Fairview Ward.  Wow, the WHOLE WARD was so welcoming and kind and loving!  They took me right in.  Even during our terrible winter, various Ward members came to introduce themselves and welcome me to the neighborhood.  I was touched.  I had also stopped taking the medication that caused so much anxiety previously that I was able to go to Church on Sundays.  It was decided that I would be baptized, and because I had already received special permission from the First Presidency, everything was a go.  BUT…about a week before my baptism I chickened out, and decided not to go through with it.  That was in March.  However, the Missionaries and the Missionary President were persistent and continued to come to visit me and encourage me in my journey, and finally I asked for baptism again, determined this time to go through with it. And so I did, May 27, 2017.  Yes, the baptism itself was a blur, and I do remember feeling so wanted and loved and finally a part of things.  The next day I received Confirmation, which is the gift of the Holy Ghost.  And that was that.  I am now a bona fide member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I even have a membership number!

There are some responsibilities that go with being LDS, such as keeping the Word of Wisdom, and paying your tithes, and making sure you go to Church each Sunday. Also, there is SO MUCH to learn!  I have barely dived in.   I have had somewhat of a difficult time keeping the Word of Wisdom, which is refraining from coffee and tea, but I believe I’m finally over it.  Of course I don’t smoke, so I didn’t have to worry about that.  Also, sometimes I don’t stay for the whole 3 hour block of Church on Sundays.  Not that I don’t enjoy the auxiliary classes after Sacrament Meeting, but simply that I’m not used to going every Sunday like clockwork.  I’m much too dysfunctional than that.  But I have been mostly right on about paying my tithes, which speaks volumes to me.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I really want to go to the Temple, and in order to get a Temple recommend, you have to be a full tithe payer.  (There are, of course, other requirements as determined and evaluated by the Bishop, that go along with being worthy for a Temple Recommend.) And that is my goal, to go to the Temple.  This whole journey started with the Boise Temple, and now a new Temple has been built in our adjoining city, Meridian.  It is there that I will receive my Endowment and begin to do the Temple work for my family.  So much to learn!

So!  That is the little update!  (Not like anyone is reading this but me! LOL). But I’m content with just myself and the Holy Trinity and whomever else reading this blog with me…whomever they may be…LOL.

More another day!

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