If anyone is reading this blog, you probably think I’m a nut or a flake…either way, I can see why.  I am now DONE with the Mormon Church.  In a nutshell (which I seem to like on this blog, don’t I?) the LDS faith is completely false and their Book of Mormon was  plagiarized from the King James Bible.  Now, I know, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out…and honestly, part of me already knew it in the first place…but I had to check out the church and the faith on my own…but yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole religion, theologically, is fake…and if the foundation is shoddy, the whole structure can’t hold up.  And who wants to choose to be in a religion like that?  Oh sure, there is much good from the LDS Church…but it’s the FAITH that is in serious error.  I won’t go into all the different things I’ve learned about their theology–there are enough websites to do that–but their doctrine is false, completely, so I can’t stay.

Let’s just say I love learning about religions.  And now I can check the LDS off my list.  Has it helped me to figure out what I really believe?  Yes, it certainly has.  Is everything clear?  No, of course not.  I have my whole life to clarify.  And I’m still learning…and praying…and hoping.

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